About STSM

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are allowing scientists to go to a lab in another COST member state to foster collaboration, to learn a new technique or to perform measurements using instruments and methods not available in their own institution.

Detailed instructions

Please note that as of 13.01.2016. the application page has been integrated in e-COST allowing the future STSM applicants to create a complete e-COST profile at the same time as their STSM application. This will help the applicants to download their Grant Notification Letter as soon as the application is approved, and you to finalise and record the STSMs quickly. Please note that links on the COST Website as well as on all the related documentation has been changed. STSM applications can now be made by clicking on the following link www.cost.eu/STSM or by logging in e-COST and clicking on “STSM Application” on the menu available on the left.


Contact person: prof dr Jelena Radovanovic, STSM coordinator, radovanovic@etf.bg.ac.rs