International Training School

Beyond Conventional Tissue Imaging

Attendance to the School is Free of Charge
Registrations are closed.

Application Must be Submitted by February 3rd
A limited number of grants are made available by the BM1205 COST action to trainees from COST countries attending fully the school program. Local trainees are entitled for reimbursement of local transport and meals. All  trainees must also register to e-cost website.

Student Projects
Trainees are encouraged to prepare a short oral presentation about their research, focusing on aspects they would like to discuss with trainers.  Students will present their project/research during the afternoon sessions and receive the feedback from trainers during the following Focus Groups.
Title and topic of the presentation, together with the expression of special interest to be discussed with trainers should be sent to Organizers of the Training School: and


  • Infrared Nanospectroscopy
  • Label-free Super-resolution Imaging
  • Nanophotonics Nanoscopy
  • Optical Coherent Endomicroscopy
  • Optical Correlation Imaging
  • Plenoptic Imaging

Trainers – Tutors

Organization – Chairs

  • Maurizio Dabbicco, University of Bari, Italy
  • Dragan Indjin, University of Leeds, United Kingdom