Workshop programme

4th May, morning: optical techniques in skin diagnostics

8h45 – 9h25

9h15 – 9h25
Welcome and Opening

9h25 – 10h00
Is there information in the noise? OCT speckle reflects on clinically relevant tissue properties
Mitra Almasian, Dept. of Biomedical Eng. & Physics, Academic Medical Center, Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Invited talk

10h00 – 10h20
The Use of Dermoscopy and Reflectance Confocal Microscopy in the analysis of various skin lesions
Marija Buljan, Department of Dermatology and Venereology, University Hospital Centre “Sestre milosrdnice”, Zagreb, Croatia – Contribution talk

10h20 – 10h45
Optical Coherence Tomography for skin cancer detection
Marilena Giglio, Dipartimento Interateneo di Fisica, Università and Politecnico di Bari, Italy – Contribution talk

10h45 – 11h05
Coffee break

11h05 – 11h25
Investigating different skin and gastrointestinal tract (GIT) pathologies (in vivo and ex vivo) by Optical Imaging
Aleksandra Zhelyazkova, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Emil Djakov Institute of Electronics, Bulgaria – Contribution talk

11h25 – 11h45
In vivo skin cancer detection using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Ilona Kuzmina, Biophotonics Laboratory, Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, University of Latvia, Latvia – Contribution talk

11h45 – 12h20
Application of circularly polarized light for optical biopsy and cancer diagnostics
Igor Meglinski, Opto-Electronics and Measurement Techniques Laboratory, University of Oulu, Finland – Invited talk

4th May, afternoon: photoacustics for skin

14h00 – 14h35
Optoacoustic imaging of the skin: the interferometric viewpoint
Amir Rosenthal, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Technion City, Israel – Invited talk

14h35 – 14h55
Optical feedback based sub-wavelength frequency and displacement detection: an application towards detecting Photo-acoustic wave in tissue
Ajit Jha, CD6-BarcelonaTech, Spain – Contribution talk

15h00 – 17h00
BM1205 Management Committee Meeting

17h00 – 18h00
Visits to local labs

Workshop participants and MC/WG networking dinner

5th May, morning: technologies for optical imaging and sensing

9h00 – 9h35
Tissue characterization based on temperature depth profiling using pulsed photothermal radiometry
Boris Majaron, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia – Invited talk

9h35 – 10h10
Time resolved single photon cameras for multibeam multi photon live-cell microscopy
Robert Henderson, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland – Invited talk

10h10 – 10h45
Optical fiber tools for single cell manipulation and diagnostics
Pedro Jorge, Center for Applied Photonics/INESC-TEC, Porto, Portugal – Invited talk

10h45 – 11h20
Coffee break

11h20 – 11h40
Linewidth measurements of a mid-infrared quantum cascade laser by self-mixing technique for sensing application
Maria Carmela Cardilli, Università degli Studi di Bari, Via Amendola, 173 70126, Bari, Italy – Contribution talk

11h40 – 12h00
Comparison of quantum transport simulators to produce predictive tools in laser design
David Winge, Andrew Grier, Department of Physics, Lund University, Sweden – Contribution talk

12h00 – 12h20
Analysis of Risken-Nummedal–Graham-Haken instabilities in quantum cascade lasers
Nikola Vukovic, School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia – Contribution talk

5th May, afternoon: tumoral tissue diagnosis

14h00 – 14h35
THz absorption and reflection imaging of colon tissues embedded in paraffin
Irmintas Kasalynas, THz Photonics Laboratory, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Vilnius, Lithuania – Invited talk

14h35 – 14h55
Tera-Hz imaging and spectroscopy of carcinoma-affected gastrointestinal tissue
Faustino Wahaia, BioCareers Group/INEB – Inst.Eng.Biomédica, Univ. do Porto, Portugal – Contribution talk

14h55 – 15h30
Excitation-Emission Matrix Fluorescence Detection and Synchronous Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Skin Tumors
Ekaterina Borisova, Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria – Invited talk

15h30 – 15h50
Excitation-emission matrices (EEMs) measurements of malignant melanoma lesions
Tsanislava Genova, Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Contribution talk

BM1205 Working groups meeting