Working Groups

WG 1: full-field VCSEL array perfusion imaging

Leader: Prof Thierry Bosch (FR),
Co-leader: Prof Silvano Donati (IT),

– will develop an ultra-compact, full-field blood perfusion sensing technology based on the 2D laser arrays. Will enable rapid quantification of vascularisation. Clinical evaluation of the system

WG 2: Tissue characterization at mid infrared frequencies using Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs)

Leader: Prof Maurizio Dabbicco (IT),
Co-leader: Dr. Johannes Koeth (DE),

–relevant for diagnosis of skin lesions, will make available additional chemical mapping to the vascular and structural information. Clinical evaluation of the system

WG 3: Tissue characterisation at terahertz frequencies using THz QCLs SMI.

Leader: Dr Paul Dean (UK),
Co-leader: Prof. Aleksandar Rakic (AU),

-Initial work shows potential for discriminating basal cell carcinoma (BCC) from surrounding healthy tissue. Potential to revolutionize in vivo diagnostics. Clinical evaluation of the system

WG 4: Validation and evaluation of combined sensing modalities.

Leader: Dr Iris Zalaudek (AU),
Co-leader: Prof. Peter Soyer (AU),

-Clinical evaluation of the combination of the multiple investigative techniques in the discrimination of malignant versus non-malignant behaviour in tissue lesions. Image fusion.